Awards Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

This award will honor a member of the Shock Society who has shown sustained commitment to the betterment of the Society. Nominations for the Award will be solicited annually from the membership. Members will submit nominations to the Awards Committee along with a C.V. and letter of support to the committee Chair by January 1. The list of qualified nominations along with a C.V. and letter of support will submit to the President and Council for selection of a final recipient at the mid-year teleconference. The award will be presented at the Shock Society Annual Meeting in June of the same year.

Past Distinguished Service Award Winners:
1997 William Schumer 2009 Carl Hauser
1998 James P. Filkins 2010 Basilia Zingarelli
1999 Robert F. Bond 2011 Alfred Ayala
2000 Arthur E. Baue 2012 Daniel Traber
2001 Francis L. Abel 2013 Ernest Moore
2002 Irshad H. Chaudry 2014 Mark Clemens
2003 David J. Brackett 2015 Timothy Buchman
2004 Carol L. Wells 2016 Lorrie A. Langdale
2005 Mohammed Sayeed 2017 Rosemary Kozar
2006 Jureta Horton 2018 Charles Lang
2007 Richard Hotchkiss    
  James Cook    
2008 Daniel Remick    

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