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Travel Awards
To be eligible for the Travel Award, applicant must be a current member of the Shock Society and a predoctoral student (MD, PhD, DVM, DO or DDS) or research fellow with no more than 2 years in postdoctoral research training and submit an abstract to the Shock Society Annual Meeting as the first author. Applicants must check “Travel Award”, upload their CVs, and provide the name and email address of their advisors during the abstract submission process.
A total of 40 Travel Awards of up to $1,000 for travel and lodging expenses will be provided by the US Shock Society to investigators based on scientific merit of the submitted abstract and financial need.  Several awardees will be selected to give a 3-minute oral presentation to an audience of their awardee/student peers in the “Oral presentations by and for Young Investigators” section during the annual meeting. All awardees will be recognized at the Award Night dinner on Sunday at the annual meeting.
Among them, six selected awardees will receive a Presidential Travel Award in honor of past presidents, Dr. Arthur Baue, Dr. Mitch Fink, Dr. Jureta Horton, Dr. Mohammed Sayeed, Dr. Danial Traber, and Dr. Carol Wells.
For Travel Award recipients, if you submit your first authored manuscript for the consideration of publication in SHOCK within 2 months after the annual meeting (Deadline: August 9, 2020), publication page charges and 1 figure color charge (if color figure is essential in the manuscript) will be waived if accepted for publication.


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