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Weng-Lang Yang
Chair  (2018)

Weng-Lang Yang, PhD

Committee Members:
Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD (2018)
Alex Lentsch, PhD (2018)
Saman Arbabi, MD (2018)
Andrew Cap, MD, PhD (2019)
Xianzhong Meng, MD (2020)
Meihong Deng (2021)
Lin Zou, MD, PhD (2018)
Theresa Chan, MD (2018)
Rosemary Kozar, MD, PhD, Past President (2019)
Ping Wang, MD, Past President (2020)

The Awards and Honors Committee is normally comprised of ten members, three of whom are past presidents of the Society and two of whom are the Faculty Research Award and Research Investigator Fellowship recipients at the year to a one-year term.  Each president appoints one member to a four-year term.  Senior member is Chair.
Responsibilities:  The committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting finalists for New Investigator (NIA), Travel Award (TA), Chaudry International Award (CIT), and Diversity Enhancement (DEA) Awards. The information of authors, institutions, mentors and CVs should be blocked during the abstract scoring process.  The committee members should not score the abstracts involved in the conflict of their interests.