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Rosemary KozarPresident's Message
by Rosemary Kozar, MD, PhD, FACS

I would like to first express my regrets to the society for missing the Shock Society meeting in Denver this year. As I think many of you know, my father was very ill. The multitude of kind thoughts and prayers from so many of you during a very tough time in my life was very much appreciated. It meant the world to me to be at my father’s side when he breathed his last breath, and for that, I thank you. I’m also very appreciative of Chuck Lang, outgoing president of the Shock Society, for being so understanding of my absence especially on such short notice. I heard the meeting was incredible and successful! I would be remiss if I didn’t extend a huge thanks to Ed Sherwood and the program committee for organizing an outstanding meeting in Denver. Also, thanks to all of the speakers, moderators, and presenters and to all of you who submitted your best work to help sustain our most important society.

Marc Jeschke, this year’s program chair, has been busy organizing new sessions and speakers for our upcoming meeting in Austin, TX. I think you will find a wonderful, balanced mix of basic and clinical science, as well as their military and civilian implications - these topics will peak the interest and minds of us all. Speaking of Austin, I heard that my rafting idea in Denver was perhaps a bit too adventuresome – in fact, we almost lost the current president of the Society of Critical Care Medicine! Perhaps tubing down a river is more suitable and relaxing option for 2016….

I am happy to report that in August, Shock published a 2015 Military Supplement: Hemorrhage and Resuscitation. I would like to extend the Society’s deepest appreciation to the guest editors, Drs. Anthony Pusateri and Mike Dubick, and of course our very own, Irshad Chaudry. I encourage all members to take a look at this very exciting volume of our journal. Shock has been working closely with the Department of Defense (DOD) and I am very excited to announce the development of two new SHOCK-DOD postdoctoral fellowships. Currently, these plans are preliminary with many details to finalize, but we are hoping to formally announce these new fellowship opportunities along with our current grants and fellowships in the beginning of 2016. More information to come!
Please help me to extend a warm welcome to Serena Weisman and all of the Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology (FASEB) staff to the Shock Society! Lastly, congratulations to Ping Wang as the new President-elect. He is a great asset to our organization.

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Austin, Texas, USA Shock Society 39th Annual Meeting

Hilton Austin
Austin, Texas, USA
June 11 - 14, 2016

Ping WangPresident-Elect's Message
by Ping Wang, MD

Greetings to the Shock Society membership! It is a true honor to be your President-Elect for 2015-2016. More than two decades ago, I attended my first Annual Conference on Shock in Marco Island, Florida where my mentor Dr. Irshad Chaudry was the Program Chair. The reason I have religiously come back to the annual meeting year after year is the tremendous benefit offered by the Shock Society – This includes both scientific knowledge and career enhancement. The Shock Society is an amazing organization. Together, we will continue to strengthen it.

The Shock Society needs your help and service. If you are willing to serve the Society, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may email me at or call me 516-562-1017. Please join our President, Dr. Rosemary Kozar, and me to further improve the Shock Society as a premier organization in shock/trauma research. We hope to see you all next year in Austin!

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Marc Jeschke2016 Program Chair Progress Report
by Marc Jeschke, MD, PhD, FACS, FCCM, FRCS(C)

The Program Committee, as well as the entire Membership, has started to work on the 2016 program. The Program Committee has developed outlines, topics and sessions that will frame the Annual Meeting. These topics are broad and the overarching theme of this 39th conference is “from basic science to translational science to clinical implications.” The goal of the conference is to critically question what novel discoveries, or now older discoveries, did or did not impact how we treat patients and improved care. We believe this is an exciting concept for the Shock Annual Conference. In addition, Austin is a phenomenal city to have a conference, full of student life, culture, food, and vibrancy.

Greet Van den BergheOur keynote speaker will be Dr. Greet van den Berghe, Professor and Head of the Intensive Care Medicine University Hospitals of Leuven, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in Leuven Belgium. She will talk about "The Metabolism in the ICU:  Lessons Learned." It is a great honor and very exciting to have Dr. van den Berghe come and present at our Annual Shock Conference.

As we move on into the second phase of planning, with updated sessions and topics, as well as reviewing the abstract submissions, we will notify the membership about our progress in more detail. I am very much looking forward to welcoming you at our annual Shock conference in Austin Texas next year.

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Michaela WestTreasurer's Report
by Michaela West, MD, PhD, FACS

As of May 31, 2015, the Society assets were $1.45 million, although this is somewhat overstated because Shock Society Fellowship Awards were paid out in July and August. Prior to the June Council meeting the Finance Committee recommended two actions: (1) that we transfer assets from the RBC “Stop Loss” Mutual fund to St. James Mutual fund; and (2) that the society transfer sufficient funds from out Bank of America Savings account to increase the total equity investments held by RBC to $500,000, equally divided between Can Slim and St. James funds. Going forward, the Council has approved plans to increase the amount of the Fellowship Awards from $30,000/year to $41,000/year and to also add a new “Young Scientist Award,” in the amount of $21,000, for trainees. The Society’s contract with Strategem expired at the end of July of 2015 and as of August 1st the Shock Society is being managed by FASEB . The Treasurer’s Office is working closely with the FASEB leadership to smoothly transition our dues and meeting registration systems to FASEB. Members may experience some slight inconvenience in terms of paying their dues, but hopefully any difficulties will be short-lived.

For the 2015-16 academic year, the Shock Society is projected to have a net profit of about $20,000, although this could be affected by the profit/loss of the 2016 Annual Meeting in Austin, as well as unanticipated expenses that may arise from the migration to FASEB. The Finance Committee will closely monitor the impact of changes in our investment strategy in the future and consider moving additional assets to obtain higher yields. Previously, the Finance Committee and the Council had felt strongly that the most important use of funds was to “invest in the Society.” Examples included the approved plans to increase Fellowship Awards, initiate the “Young Scientist Awards" and increased use of assets to support the Annual Meeting (for example, by providing additional speaker resources and maintaining, or even increasing, Society Travel Awards).

As always, if any Shock members know of organizations or companies that might be interested in exhibiting their product or service at a cutting edge, top notch, intimate, focused, medical/scientific venue, please forward them to me or to Drs. Kozar or Wang.

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Irshad H. ChaudryShock Journal's Editor-in-Chief
by Irshad Chaudry, PhD

Thank you, President Kozar and President-Elect Wang, for the opportunity to write briefly about our journal in the Newsletter. I am pleased to inform you that the new Impact Factor for SHOCK is 3.045. I am therefore requesting the entire membership to submit their best work to SHOCK so that the Impact Factor for SHOCK can be further increased. I am indebted to all the authors who have contributed their outstanding manuscripts to the journal. I also wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Associate Editor-in-Chief, Senior Associate Editor (Europe), all of the Associate Editors, the Editorial Board Members, and the Guest Referees, for the thorough and expeditious review of the manuscripts, and for their tremendous help and support to the journal. I am also thankful to the Associate Editors and to the Editorial Board members who continue to take time from their busy schedules to write under the banner, “What’s New in Shock?” in each issue of the journal.

I am delighted to inform you that the last Publication Committee Chair, Dr. Charles Lang, and the rest of the Publication Committee approved the appointment of Drs. John C. Alverdy, Andriy I. Batchinsky, Gregory J. Beilman, Karim Brohi, Andrew P. Cap, Wei Chao, Daniel N. Darlington, Philip A. Efron, Perenlei Enkhbaatar, Guo-Chang Fan, Jennifer M. Kaplan, Michael D. Karlstad, M. Margaret Knudson, Claude Libert, Kevin W. McConnell, Gerald McGwin, Marcin F. Osuchowski, Shibani Pati, Peter Pickkers, Jean-Francois Pittet, Martin A. Schreiber, Martin G. Schwacha, Yoram Vodovotz, Wendy Walker and Teresa A. Zimmers to the Editorial Board of SHOCK. I welcome all the new members to the Board and look forward to their valuable help, not only in reviewing the submitted manuscripts, but I also look forward to receiving their original work, as well as Review articles to SHOCK. The following people have stepped down after serving on the Editorial Board for many years: Drs. Mitchell Fink, Carl Hauser, Heinz Redl, and Tom van der Poll. I am indebted to these and other members who have been very kind to provide outstanding help to me and the journal for many years. I am extremely saddened to report the untimely passing away of Dr. Carol Wells, an Editorial Board member, who always provided timely and valuable help to the Journal and the Society in matters too numerous to mention. She will be dearly missed.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Connie Weldon and Dennis Campbell for their continuing assistance with all facets of the journal. I am also thankful to Mr. John Ewers, our Senior Publisher, and to Rosemary Hutzler, our Production Editor, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), for their continued help in all regards to the publication.

Aside from the Annual Shock Society Meeting (Supplement issue, June 2015), we have an additional Supplement issue this year entitled “Military Supplement: Hemorrhage and Resuscitation”, that was published in August 2015. The Guest Editors for this supplement were Drs. Anthony E. Pusateri and Michael A. Dubick. I would urge you to please check that Supplement for the diversity of work that is being carried out by DoD laboratories or is supported in civilian laboratories by DoD grants.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions from our members for improving any facet of our journal. Please e-mail your suggestions to me at The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Office of SHOCK. I also wish to thank all of the authors who have submitted and who continue to submit articles to SHOCK.

I wish each of our members the most wonderful fall and winter season.

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Serena WeismanIn Loving Memory
Dr. Carol Wells (1944-2015)

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of my friend and long-time colleague, Carol L. Wells to the members of the Shock Society. Carol passed-away following a long, personal battle with breast cancer. Over the course of her career, Carol selflessly shared her expertise with Medical Laboratory Science students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, medical residents and colleagues. She was a member of myriad NIH Study Sections from 1987 until her death. Carol was an Editorial Board Member of the journal Shock and she held the following offices within the Shock Society from 1995 until 2008: Councilor (1995-1998), Treasurer (1998-2002), President-Elect (2001-2002), President (2002-2003), Committee Member (2003-2005) and Councilor (2003-2008). Carol received the following awards from the Shock Society: Distinguished Service Award (2004) and Scientific Achievement Award (2006). Carol was an enthusiastic Scientist, consistently funded by the NIH as well as the author of innumerable publications (well over 100). In addition to all of her professional accomplishments, Carol still found time to visit with her extended family in California and Michigan and to play with her three grandsons. Carol’s wit and wisdom will surely be missed by all who knew her. 

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Serena WeismanAwards and Honors Report
by Jennifer Kaplan, MD, MS, Awards and Honors Committee Chair

Exciting new opportunity coming soon!
There will be two DOD-Shock postdoctoral fellowships for candidates within five years of obtaining their doctoral degree. The fellows will work in a DOD-sponsored lab in San Antonio, Texas, one with the Army and one with the Navy. More details will follow or check our website for the most up-to-date information regarding these excellent opportunities (

In addition to this new opportunity, each year, the Shock Society awards two research grants, both faculty and trainee, to support early career investigators (applicants must be members of the Shock Society at the time the award is reviewed):

  1. The “Faculty Early Career Investigator Research Fellowship” is intended to support the career development of a new faculty investigator in the areas of trauma, shock and sepsis. Research may vary from basic cellular responses to clinical outcomes and we encourage proposals that might include translational research and clinical applications. Award of $83,000.

  2. The “Fellow/Post-Doctoral/Resident Scientist Research Award” will support the research efforts for post-doctoral fellows (individuals who have already obtained their PhD) or residents/clinical fellows (individuals who have already obtained their MD) but are not faculty at their institution. The proposed research should focus on developing new knowledge related to the biology of trauma, shock, and/or sepsis. Award of $22,000.

The Awards and Honors Committee would like to congratulate the following 2015 research award winners:

Peng Lu

Dr. Peng Lu
2015 Faculty Early Career Investigator Research Fellowship

Diana Pang

Dr. Diana Pang
2015 Fellow/Post-Doctoral/Resident Scientist Research Award

The 2015 Shock Society Scientific Achievement Award (SAA) recipient was Dr. Timothy Billiar and the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was presented to Dr. Timothy Buchman. Members please submit your nominations along with a C.V. and letter of support for the 2016 SAA and DSA to Dr. Jennifer Kaplan ( the Chair of the Awards and Honors committee by December 1, 2015.

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Serena WeismanThe Shock Society Business Office
by Serena Weisman

Over the past several months, you may have noticed a few changes to the website, the membership portal, and our communications with members.  This was due to the Shock Society transitioning management companies from Strategem to FASEB.  As part of this transition I was hired to serve as your new Business Manager and oversee all services provided by FASEB. 

Because of the nature, breadth, and longevity of our service to the scientific community, we have become experts in the field of managing the unique business lines associated with nonprofits, like the Shock Society, as we too are a scientific nonprofit and face many similar challenges.  Even our missions align!  We advance health and welfare by promoting progress and education in biological and biomedical sciences while the Shock Society strives to improve the care of victims of trauma, shock, and sepsis.

I come to the Shock Society with experience comprised of association management in a variety of industries utilizing skills ranging from process development and financial management to strategic planning and relationship building, with an overarching goal of creating the most efficient and effective organization possible. I am delighted to be applying my skill set to Shock and look forward to providing the Shock community with quality and timely service! 

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Shock Society Council and Committees


Rosemary Kozar, MD, PhD, President (2016)
Ping Wang, MD, President-Elect (2016)
Philip Efron, MD, FACS, FCCM, Secretary (2018)
Michaela West, MD, PhD, Treasurer (2016)
Basilia Zingarelli, MD, PhD (2016)
Robert Cooney, MD (2017)
Charles Lang, PhD, President (2018)
Irshad H Chaudry, PhD, Editor, SHOCK
Marc Jeschke, MD, Program Chair (2016)

Michael Karlstad, PhD, Publications Chair (2016)
Yoram Vodovotz, PhD (2016)
John Younger, MD (2016)
Anirban Banerjee, PhD (2017)
Celeste Finnerty, PhD (2018)
Judith Hellman, MD (2018)
Saman Arbabi, MD (2019)
Melanie Scott, MD, PhD (2019)



Awards and Honors Committee

Jennifer Kaplan, MD, Chair (2016)
Weng-Lang Yang, PhD
Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD
Alex Lentsch, PhD
Saman Arbabi, MD
Andrew Cap, MD, PhD
Basilia Zingarelli, MD, PhD, Past President
Robert Cooney, MD, Past President
Charles Lang, PhD, Past President
Peng Lu, MD
Diana Pang, MD

Development Committee

Charles Caldwell, PhD, Chair (2016)
Marc Jeschke, MD, PhD, ex-officio
Steve Wolf, MD
David L. Williams, PhD
Daithi Heffernan, MD
Rosemary Kozar, MD, PhD

Diversity Committee

Hongkuan Fan, PhD, Chair (2016)
Melanie Scott, MD, PhD - Co-Chair
Joshua Gatson, PhD, Past Chair
Megan Brenner, MD

Finance Committee

Michaela West, MD, PhD, Chair (2016)
Charles Caldwell, PhD
Ping Wang, MD
Lorrie Langdale, MD, ad hoc

International Relations Committee

Timothy Buchman, PhD, MD, Chair (2016)
Basilia Zingarelli, MD, PhD
Robert Cooney, MD
Charles Lang, PhD
Irshad H. Chaudry, PhD
Tina Palmieri, MD

Laboratory Animals Issues Committee

Kevin McConnell, MD, Chair (2016)
Narayanan Parameswaran, PhD
Shibani Pati, MD, PhD
Scott Brakenridge, MD, MS

Membership Committee

Teresa Zimmers, PhD, Chair (2016)
Timothy Pritts, MD
Chuanfu Li, MD, MS
Gary Nieman, MS, Past Chair

Mentorship Committee

Deborah Carlson, MD, Chair (2016)
Kevin McConnell, MD, Co-Chair
Jennifer Kaplan, MD, Past Chair
Carrie Sims, MD
Richard Hotchkiss, MD
Alfred Ayala, PhD
Basilia Zingarelli,MD, PhD, Senior Advisor
Irshad Chaudry, PhD, Senior Advisor

Nominating Committee

Charles Lang, PhD, Chair (2016)
Robert Cooney, MD
Basilia Zingarelli, MD, PhD
Timothy Buchman, PhD, MD

Publications Committee

Michael Karlstad, PhD, Chair (2016)
Celeste Finnerty, PhD
Elizabeth Kovacs, MD
Robert Barbee, PhD
Martin Schreiber, MD

Rules Committee

Joshua Gatson, PhD, Chair (2016)
Mashkoor Choudhry, PhD
Haichao Wang, PhD
Norio Sato, MD, PhD

Scientific Program Committee

Marc Jeschke, MD, PhD, Chair (2016)
Matthew Rosengart, MD (2016)
Tracy Toliver-Kinsky, PhD (2016)
Clifford Deutschman, MD, Chair (2017)
Philip Efron, MD (2017)
Kevin McConnell, MD (2017)
David Hackam, MD, Chair (2018)
Chhinder Sodhi, PhD (2018)
Kevin Mollen, MD (2018)

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